Welcome to the University of Washington Mortar Board Tolo Chapter webpage. It is our intention that this webpage is passed down from class to class, passing on the core values of scholarship, leadership, and service.

Applications are Open!

Applications for the Class of 2017 of Mortar Board, Tolo Chapter are now open! Please follow this link for instructions on the application process. All applications are due January 29th, 2016!

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Member Monday: Karl Marrett

Thank you to all those who applied and interviewed for Mortar Board’s 2016 class! This Member Monday, we wanted to give a special shout-out to Karl Marrett, one of our membership co-chairs, for all of his hard work! A little bit about Karl – as a senior, he is finishing up his studies in the […]

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Member Monday: Elli Novatcheva

In light of today’s Super Bowl day of mourning… we have something to brighten up your day – it’s Member Monday! Here to bring the sunshine today is Elli Novatcheva, one of our seniors in Tolo chapter. Studying Biology and International Studies, Elli balances out both of her degrees by working at the JSIS Advising […]

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